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The School's Campaign on Preventing Telecom and Online Fraud Has Officially Kicked off as Part of the Themed Awareness Month

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On the afternoon of December 12th, the themed awareness month on preventing telecom and online fraud officially launched in the 'Rising Sun' student community at Wuhan Textile University. Director Jiang Weicheng from the Security Department, Minister Zhang Shasha from the Student Affairs Department, and Deputy Director Ma Xuliang from the Security Department provided guidance at the ceremony. Several counselors and more than thirty undergraduate and graduate student representatives from across the university participated in the event. The launch ceremony was presided over by Gu Jiangbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Accounting College.

In his address, Director Jiang Weicheng pointed out that as the school intensifies its efforts in promoting awareness and education on preventing telecom and online fraud, students' awareness and discernment have significantly improved. However, at the same time, criminals continue to 'update and upgrade' their fraudulent methods. Therefore, the school's anti-fraud awareness and education efforts should adapt to the situation and stay innovative, with a determined commitment to safeguarding the entire student body. As the most vibrant and energetic group, young university students are encouraged to be the most robust supporters, disseminators, and practitioners of anti-fraud campaigns, collectively building a strong defense against scams for everyone.

Zhang Jingxuan, a student from the CMA12101 class and the 'Anti-Fraud Ambassador' for Hubei universities, delivered a stand-up comedy performance titled 'Campus Scam Storm.' Her witty and humorous words, along with vivid and interesting examples, received rounds of applause from the audience. Following the performance, Zhang Jingxuan distributed the 'Preventing Telecom and Online Fraud Awareness Manual (2023 Edition)' to the attending students.

It is reported that Wuhan Textile University places a high priority on the promotion and education of preventing telecom and online fraud. Leveraging activities such as themed class meetings and group days, counselors and class teachers go into classrooms to explain anti-fraud knowledge and share typical fraud cases, helping students establish awareness and improve their ability to identify scams. During this themed awareness month, various activities will revolve around preventing telecom and online fraud, including poster design, skit performances, group counseling, and questionnaire surveys. These initiatives aim to guide and encourage more students to consciously become 'anti-fraud ambassadors,' contributing youthful energy to the construction of a safe campus and a fraud-free environment at Wuhan Textile University.