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School of Accountancy Held the Sixth MPAcc Student Case Competition

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School of Accountancy Held the Sixth MPAcc Student Case Competition

In order to improve the ability of graduate students of School of Accountancy to independently analyze, solve practical problems and make on-the-spot defense with professional knowledge, also select the team for the upcoming fifth MPAcc Student Case Competition in Hubei Province, School of Accountancy held the sixth MPAcc Student Case Competition from February to March in 2023.

The case competition lasted for two months, with the theme of "financial system enabling enterprise scientific and technological innovation". It was divided into two tracks, namely, the unauthorized group and the authorized group. All graduate students in School of Accountancy formed their own teams to register.

ln the preliminary stage, the participating teams will conduct research on case

companies and submit case analysis reports as required. The judges in college will score and select top six from two tracks to enter the semi-finals. In the semi-finals stage, six teams from two tracks will draw lots for a pairwise debate competition, and the team with the top three points will enter the final.

At 2 pm on March 23th, 2023, the exciting case competition resumed in classrooms 205and 206 of Building 9.

At the beginning of competition, host introduced the judges, teachers, and the competition process.


The students of semifinals team identified loopholes in the opponent's case report through research, and proposed solutions that their team deems reasonable. At the beginning of debate competition, the classmates from both sides quickly entered a state of state, with powerful and forceful words. During the free debate session, the both teams engaged in a verbal battle without giving in, pushing the atmosphere to a climax and showed the judges, teachers, and watching students with agile thinking, reaction speed, and excellent debate ability.

After the semi-finals, the authorized and unauthorized tracks will each determine the top three to enter the finals.

At 2pm on March 24th, the final will begin. On the debate field, three teams exchanged offensive and defensive sides for debate in sequence. The momentum of all teams was like a rainbow, with witty words running through them. They held their positions firmly and were extremely exciting.

After two days of fierce competition, the authorized team, the team, ShaoNianXianFeng, won the special prize. The team, HuiBuHuiDouDui, won the first prize, and the team, TuFaQiXiangDui, won the second prize. About the non-authorized team, HaoShiDuoMoDui team, won the special prize. The team, FeiChang 6+1, won the first prize, and the team, K-back, won the second prize.

The theme of MPAcc student case competition of school of accountancy, "financial system enables enterprise scientific and technological innovation", not only conforms to the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a World class Financial Management System by Central Enterprises issued by the SASAC, but also closely follows the difficulties that accountants should consider and solve under the current social innovation and reform. Hoping that through this case competition, students will have a deeper understanding and reflection on the connection between financial systems and technological innovation. In their future learning and work, they will combine knowledge with practice, continuously explore and climb new heights.