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The School of Accountancy held an ACCA "Heavyweight" exam experience sharing session

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            On November 20, 2022, the ACCA Student Union held an ACCA exam experience sharing session in Room 07121. Cui Jiangyue, a grade 20 student, was invited as the keynote speaker to share her learning experience and exam skills to help everyone better sprint for the PM global exam in December. Students from ACCA, Grade 21 and 22  participated in the sharing session actively.

            Cui Jiangyue combined her own experience and shared her learning process and experience from the following five aspects. The first is the learning process: first go through the online course to understand the knowledge framework, then watch the online course again in chapters and follow the exercises for each chapter, in addition, do a good practice of the real questions according to the brush guide and chapters, and finally continue to practice before the exam to maintain the feel. The second is the purpose of the exam: The purpose of the ACCA exam is to exercise learning ability, not to test for the sake of exam. The third is exam planning: in the process of progressive study examination, the focus should be on laying a good knowledge foundation in the F stage of learning, and the focus on understanding in the P stage. The fourth is the details of the computer-based test: ACCA has realized the full computer-based test, and it is usually necessary to adapt to digital paperless learning, so as to avoid various non-intellectual problems due to lack of adaptation during the computer-based test. The fifth is the study of other courses: one-sided pursuit of ACCA learning, but also pay attention to the study of other university courses, pay attention to their own all-round development. After the sharing, the students also actively exchanged their experiences, and the sharing ended successfully. Students unanimously said that they have gained a lot and are more confident about the preparation for the next two weeks.

             Cui Jiangyue, is Grade 20 in ACCA Class 3, won the 2022 National Scholarship (one of the 4 people in the whole hospital), passed all 8 ACCA exam courses with high scores within one year, creating a record for the fastest and best results in the exam since our institute opened the ACCA direction class, and it is also rare in colleges and universities that open ACCA direction classes in China.