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Student representatives of Accounting College participated in the Scientist Spiritual Report Meeting of Wuhan Textile University

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On December 2nd, "Scientist Spiritual Report Meeting-Academician Xu Weilin Special Session" was held in the International Academic Lecture Hall of Yangguang Campus. Academician Xu shared his insights of fighting with the representatives of teachers and students. Student representatives of the paired class of Academician Xu Weilin, like Class 11902, Dormitory 10B203, and student Gong Lingjun attended the report.

Xu Weilin vividly shared his thoughts over the years, combining the people and things that had deep influence on him on his growth. With the key word "Ten Thanks " , he reviewed and expressed appreciation to his parents, brothers and sisters, elementary and middle school teachers, the undergraduate school-Wuhan Institute of Textile Technology, the graduate tutor Academician Yao Mu, the tutor of postdoctoral research Institute, Academician Xu Xi, colleagues in groups, families and Wuhan Textile University . He stated the help, support and leading received from his relatives, teachers, leaders, and students along the way of research. Then, He emphasized that it was under the influence of the powerful spirit given by the older generation of scientists that he took the road of study smoothly, stepped into the road of textiles naturally, walked on the road of science spontsneously, took the right way of life, and let himself learn how to be a great person who have the character of resilience, endurance, and kindness, then continued to make some achievements. He hopes that the young students will realize it and benefit from it.

After listening to the report, student Gong Lingjun and her classmates were very excited to take photos with Academician Xu Weilin. She said it was very lucky for her to have Academician Xu be her paired leader, and his report was very plain and exciting, so she and her classmates would take Academician Xu as an example, learn from his morality, scientific progress, innovation, perseverance and insistence, and be an outstanding young college student.